Thursday, August 4, 2016

Hot, Hot, Hot

Today was extremely hot again.  Our grass is quickly dying, which means the mowing has slowed down extremely.  I am trying my best to keep the chickens cool and fed.  I have changed them over to a layer feed and they do not like it.  I told them they will have to eat it or do without.  They are begrudgingly eating it.

The tomatoes are still coming on but have slowed down considerably also.  I am still enjoying their sweetness.  A tomato that actually taste like a tomato is beyond delicious.  Summer will soon given into fall and cooler temps will adorn us.  At this moment, I would take a few cooler temps.

Doug is healing well and recuperating nicely.  He needs to build up his stamina but that will come in time.  I thank God that he has been so blessed.

School is coming along nicely and I am already one week into it.  It is hard to believe.

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