Thursday, July 28, 2016

Summer is Gone

Summer for me is gone....I start back to work on Monday.  I am a little excited and a whole lot nervous. I will be leaving Doug for an extended period of time for the first time in a month. I know that everything will be ok but my human nature is to fret just a little.  I have prayed and know that only God is in control on any given day, so there is no need to worry.

He has made tremendous progress in a month.  I only expect him to keep gaining ground.  God has answered our prayers and is continuing to heal.

The homestead has fared well during this time.  Good people, family and friends, have come and helped pick the garden, mow, and feed.  We have been blessed and able to give a lot of vegetables to sweet family and friends.  I have been able to preserve a few tomatoes, peppers, and pickled some cucumbers.  Our cantaloupe was the sweetest I do believe I have ever tasted. My corn was not the best but we were able to salvage it and dry it for the chickens.  They sure have loved it. :)

Still God is good to us and taking care of us as always.
This is something I would really like to have....just a thought.  Maybe one day.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sunday Blessings

This post will not be long.....Just want to say how blessed we are.  Doug and I got to got to  church this morning! WOW is all I can say.  It was wonderful seeing all of our church family and feeling the awesome power of our Sweet Saviour, Jesus Christ.  I don't want to ever not give Him praise for His miracle working power and healing that has taken place in Doug's life.

One more sweet blessing.  In the photos below a sweet mama bird has chosen my fern to call home and raise her young. How special am I?!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Dog Days of Summer

I haven't been able to post daily due to the fact that Doug still needs my care.  He is getting more independent each day and for that I am thankful, not for me, but for him.  His therapy is coming along nicely.  The OT told us Wednesday that he has made tremendous progress in a week!  WooHoo! We give all the praise to the Good Lord for the healing that is taking place.

In the middle of this, I have gotten to do a little canning and freezing.  Today I froze 3 quarts of tomatoes. Wednesday I put up 8 1/2 pints of Chow Chow.  I hope it taste as good as it looks.

The Dog Days of Summer are here....I looked out the other day and the neighborhood dog was on top of our picnic table taking a nap. I guess that was the coolest place he could find.

It's a hard life, but someone has to do it.  It is hot when you have to nap on the picnic table. :)

Friday, July 15, 2016


I have tomatoes that are absolutely gorgeous.  We have had them every way imaginable and are still loving them.  I was planning on canning tomatoes, salsa, spaghetti sauce and whatever else I could find to do with tomatoes, but those plans have been changed.  Since Doug's accident, we have been able to share tomatoes with family and friends and still enjoy them ourselves.  I didn't know what I could do with the extras!  Doug was watching pictures on the computer the other day and said...why don't you dehydrate them like you have in the past.  So, today I have a full dehydrator going and they will be so good this winter.  Thankful for a helpful husband.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Hot Air

Of all times for our air conditioner to go out....Yes it did...I went out Sunday morning sometime.
I called our heating/air man and he came out today.  They said they would come out yesterday, but it wasn't so bad that we couldn't stand it.  We opened all the windows and doors and turned the fans on us.
Carl came today and a part that starts the compressor exploded.  He replaced the part and has us up and running again.  He blessed us and I know that God will in turn bless him.  So thankful that God smiled on us and gave us a cool day in July!

Doug is coming along and will have therapy tomorrow.  I know that God has this and he will be continuing to gain strength every day.

I picked tomatoes, jalapenos, and banana peppers today.  The tomatoes are so good.  Giving most of the veggies to friends that have been so helpful.  I don't feel that I can neglect Doug and can so next year maybe.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Life Turned Upside Down

I haven't posted in quite a few days. ...

Doug and I chaperoned a group of kids to church camp on June 27th.  I didn't take my computer with be so I could focus the kids and spending time with them.  We enjoyed camp and kids were among the best kids I have ever met in my life.

On Thursday morning, I knocked on Doug's cabin door to wake him for breakfast.  I heard someone fall and thought one of the kids had tripped over something and fell into the door.  I hollered, but no one answered me.  Finally, one of the boys cracked the door and told me that Doug had fell out of the top bunk and landed on his head.  He went from full mobility to total paralysis in less than 10 seconds.  We got medical help and he went to Osage Beach Hospital by ambulance.  Then they took him by med flight to Springfield, MO Mercy Hospital.  He was there for six days.
He received excellent care and is now home and receiving therapy.

It has been a roller coaster of emotions for both him and me.  Mostly him.  This has been one of those life changing events that happens and I know that God has everything under control.

I have not posted details on here because it takes time.  I have to be ever mindful that he needs me at the drop of a hat.  I will share more of God's goodness in days to come.

We are thanking God for the miracle that we have been blessed with.