Friday, October 7, 2016


I am way behind in posting  on my blog.  UGH!  Life has busy moments and somethings have to take priority.  I have had to play catch up on housework, gardening, and yard work.  Doug is continuing to heal and is now able to do a whole lot more.  He still tires easily and strength/stamina is not where he wants it to be but he is getting there. We give the glory to our Heavenly Father.

I have dehydrated tomatoes and apples.  They are so yummy!  Most of our garden items we put in the freezer or gave away to wonderful friends and family who so willingly pitched in and helped us.

I'm ready for some fall weather.  We have harvested 10 chickens and I am ready for a good pot of chicken and dumplings  
                                          .  Image result for chicken and dumplings recipes

I am working on knitting some dish rags for Christmas gifts.  I know that it may be a little early but I'm trying to get some finished in all my spare time.

Hope this post finds every one well.

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